Holy Cow Smokers Ministry

Holy Cow Smokers is a ministry whose purpose is to spread our Love for Christ through sharing our faith and food with people we meet. By Outreaching to our communities near and far, we will continue to Grow the reach of God’s Word and our ministry’s work. We hope that the people we share our Faith, Food, and Love for Christ with, will be transformed into missionaries we have become by continuing to do God’s work.

How does the Holy Cow Smokers Ministry spread God’s Word?

Disaster Relief

  • Feeding those in need.
  • Helping those in need.
  • Listening to those in need.
  • Loving to those in need.
  • Rebuilding lives and homes of communities effected by disasters.


  • Take donations for smoked meats and meals.
  • Raise funds for our church, church groups, and community causes.


  • Outreach to communities near and far.
  • BBQ competitions to raise money, spread God’s Word, and encourage others to become missionaries, continuing God’s work.
  • Spreading the Love for Christ and love for BBQ.

Cooking for church functions

  • Giving back to our church and encouraging members and guests to enjoy BBQ in a church setting.
  • Special events.