Room Request

Room Requests should be submitted at least 14 days before your event. You will receive a confirmation email with your room assignment and other information if necessary.

Room Use Guidelines

When you submit a Room Request, you are agreeing to the Room Use Guidelines of Lamb of God Lutheran Church, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Rooms will be used as assigned. Changing to another room is not acceptable; just because a room may be empty when you arrive does not mean it will remain empty for the duration of your meeting.
  • Leave the room in a clean, orderly state when your event is over.
  • Tables and chairs must be returned to the original configuration before you leave.
  • DO NOT, at any time, PROP EXTERIOR DOORS OPEN for arriving participants. Silent alarms will be sent to the security monitoring station and police notified. Entry access is based on the Room Access Time you indicate on your Room Request form.
  • Children and teens will have adult supervision at all times. They cannot be left to wait outside classrooms for parents attending meetings.

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