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Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Coordinator: Hannah Prindiville |

In-Person Classes

Drop off and Pickup for classes will be in the Large Gathering Room in the Children's Center. 9:15 am drop off and 10:15 am pickup. Weather permitting we will use the playground on the west side of the building during class. Please keep that in mind when dressing your kiddos, closed-toed shoes, and jackets.

To offer safe and smart in-person classes we are asking children Kindergarten and older to please wear a mask to class. We will ask children to sanitize their hands when entering. This helps us protect one another. As you are all versed in the routine, please refrain from attending or sending if your child feels unwell.

At-Home Sunday School

We are excited to take this journey with you and learn more about The Heart of God! These at-home lessons incorporate different learning styles for your whole family including, visual (media), tactile (craft and experiments), and head and heart knowledge of God’s word! This time is also for you as a family to gather around the table and explore all the wonders God has for us! 

Take the pressure off and remember – it’s not about being perfect – but about establishing faith habits.  Enjoy the wonders of our faith in Jesus!

Children’s Worship Bulletins provide engaging, Bible-based activities for children.  It's a quiet and fun way to teach your kids about the Bible. Each week we provide these bulletins to enrich your worship experience.

Bulletin | Age 3+     Bulletin | Age 7+


 Previous Lessons

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Lesson 3: Jesus Fixes Our Sin (pdf)


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Lesson 1: God Gives us His Armor (pdf)


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