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Holy Cow Smokers | Disaster Relief Deployment

Holy Cow Smokers | Disaster Relief Deployment

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Coordinator: Holy Cow Smokers |

The HCS will deploy to Valley View, Texas to provide meals to those affected by the recent tornados. 

We are seeking assistance with:

  • Financial donations to purchase supplies for the deployment. Donations can be accepted online, please select Holy Cow Smokers Ministry Fund - Holy Cow Smokers Disaster Relief. 
  • Bake/provide cookies for the meals.
  • Onsite Volunteers to travel to Valley View and assist with meal distribution.

Sign up to Bake Cookies or volunteer onsite

As always, thank you for supporting the HCS so that we may be Loving, Outreaching, and Growing Together in Christ!

Holy Cow Smokers is a ministry whose purpose is to spread our Love for Christ through sharing our faith and food with people we meet. By Outreaching to our communities near and far, we will continue to Grow the reach of God’s Word and our ministry’s work. We hope that the people we share our Faith, Food, and Love for Christ with, will be transformed into missionaries we have become by continuing to do God’s work. 

Learn more about the Holy Cow Smokers Ministry at LOG

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