Lamb of God Lutheran Church

At-Home Sunday School

At-Home Sunday School

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Coordinator: Hannah Prindiville |

We are excited to take this journey with you and learn more about The Heart of God! These at-home lessons incorporate different learning styles for your whole family including, visual (media), tactile (craft and experiments) and head and heart knowledge of God’s word! This time is also for you as a family to gather around the table and explore all the wonders God has for us! 

Take the pressure off and remember – it’s not about being perfect – but about establishing faith habits.  Enjoy the wonders of our faith in Jesus!

God Shows Power and Sends Ten Plagues | Lesson 5 (pdf)

Bulletin | Age 3+  Bulletin | Age 7+


Previous Lessons

God Is I Am | Lesson 4 (pdf)

Bulletin | Age 3+  Bulletin | Age 7+


Abram Gives Lot the Best Land | Lesson 3 (pdf)

Bulletin | Age 3+ Bulletin | Age 7+


Builders Try to Build a Great Tower | Lesson 2 (pdf)


God Creates Us in His Image | Lesson 1 (pdf)

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